Top floor

Small hangers and light colors create a roomy vibe

Cellar floor

custom made furniture and high tech solutions make for a sparse, clean look

Display furniture

High quality custom made furniture visually melts away to put the products front and center.

Top floor wall

Stylish details like a tiled wallpaper fill empty space with refinement.


Changing little details can give an old building a young face.

Display area

Contrasting colors in a limited palette exude a stylish atmosphere.

Wall Space

Machined steel on natural wood give the space a nice raw quality.

Waiting Area

Using a non-matching color in the leather of the seats draw full attention to the material, giving the leather an unexpected presence, even for a leather boutique.

Top floor

Small hangers and light colors create a roomy vibe.

Marketing displays

Big, wall-sized screens bring new campaigns and your message to the heart of your space.

Top Floor

Subdividing the small floorplan creates the illusion of room to let products breathe.

Wall furniture

Subtle, recessed lighting and natural materials put the focus on the products.